Converting waste heat into clean electricity

Vortex Power Systems technology diagram

Approximately 50% of the world’s total energy consumption is lost as waste heat.

A power plant.

This is enough energy to power more than three billion households, or an amount equal to what the US, China, and India, consume annually.

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A city from the air at nightfall.
HOw we can use this technology

The Vortex system works as an ‘add on’ to existing on-site infrastructure.

The VPS system takes warm water traditionally sent to cooling towers and utilises the otherwise waste low grade heat to create the right conditions for the formation of a naturally occurring phenomena, the water spout, converting heat into kinetic energy. The vortex simultaneously cools the warm water, as a cooling tower would, and returns it back to the process.

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Reduced emissions

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On site power

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Reduced grid demand

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Reduced cooling loads

The Impact

How much is the heat that is being wasted worth?


The value of the potential energy lost in cooling towers every year


The value of electricity generation possible from low grade waste heat per year


The addressable value of electricity generation that Vortex's technology produce  every year

Why Vortex Power Systems?

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Clean energy generation

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Retrofittable and connectable to existing infrastructure

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Low capex cost = attractive economics

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Effective with low quality waste heat (<80°C)