Vortex named in CleanTech APAC 25

May 10, 2023

We're thrilled to have been recognised as one of Asia Pacific's top 25 companies that has the potential to make a sizeable contribution to the global mission of de-carbonisation and achieving a resource-efficient industrial future that is required to address the global climate crisis.

As a deep tech company, we know the journey to success is long and there's a lot of risk involved. But big problems require big solutions, and if [or when] we succeed, our technology will have an outsized impact.

When we explain our technology, the response is often 'seriously, you are going to produce a 5km vortex to generate energy from heat that comes out of industrial processes?' Yet this is exactly what we are aiming to achieve and we're doing it because approximately 50% of the world’s total energy consumption is lost in industrial heat processes - enough energy to power more than 3 billion households globally, equivalent to the annual power consumption of the US, China, and India combined. 63% of this process heat is considered unusable so it gets discharged into the atmosphere or our waterways. By capturing this heat and converting it into usable clean energy, our Vortex technology will reduce carbon emissions, icnrease the supply of electricity, reduce costs and increase processing plant efficiency.

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